Realize your true nature.

How to make physical and non-physical happy?
How to make feelings and emotions happy?
How to make body and soul happy?

But wait where is mind in all of this? Actually mind is an “adapter” between body, feelings and emotions. It adapts to the dominating energy, if its body it will feel and emote on physical level and if its soul it will feel and emote on the soul level.

I learnt it from Mukku to write it down, she was an “organized thinker”. A clear thinker. An advanced soul. When our bodies are tired of feeling, they only think and think constructively. I will prove how! (only indication of advanced souls is they love speed, she felt nothing even in roller coasters)

Thought to think over – *If you are intelligent you will do what you love, and if you are a genius you will do just whats needed”. Doesn’t matter who said it but if we get deep into it.*

The intelligent part is obvious. But what does the second part mean? If you are a genius you will do just whats “needed”. Needed by whom? By the person itself? or its family or the town or city or the whole world, or the whole universe?
This quote simply proves how all the “inventors” were evolved souls and they did just what was needed by themselves (to feel content) and everyone else in the world. Be it a small hair-band to huge planes. All of these are in the end satisfying others in turn satisfying the person. But if you go much deeper, these are only objects, what is behind it? An idea then a thought-process, a chain of “organized and constructive” thinking, which didn’t care if the body was at ease or not and just keep thinking and thinking over years to invent say gravity, theory of relativity by Einstine (Eg. Because of which we use GPS).

Now what is the end of all this? Actually not to be happy but “be at ease”. When we want to travel first class or business class thinking its a status quo and ease, it will certainly bring ease. But to what extent? May be while you are sleeping comfortably. But what happens when we are awake? We are back to thinking, so doesn’t matter in economy or business unless we are asleep we can only enjoy any class if our mind is at ease. And please remember, we are in a body to not be at ease, this is the nature of being in a body, physical form. We can only feel moments of ease here an there and in order to transform our souls we need to do something drastic while our body will always be struggling. But if we are aware and conscious of our thinking we can bring it at ease any time.

Once we transform ourselves from “unconscious feelers” to “conscious thinkers” (by using our mind consciously) we will become a soul that is capable of inventing and hence contribute to both the physical expansion and non-physical expansion of the universe.

Well all of this is my own analysis, no reference.
And I may be completely crazy.

About meditation – The idea to meditate is not to kill your thinking abilities but to make them organized. Idea of having a structure to your day by say going to work or doing a workout at the same time only means you are making your body and mind organized.

Trick is – Think for people and do for objects. If a person is annoying you just try to see anything funny in him or just say to yourself that “i am annoyed” and you won’t anymore. For objects – say you had been wanting to organize your closet for a month (me) and that thought is annoying you at some level, you just “Do” asap. You can’t do anything about people and you don’t need to obsess over thinking too much. So I will stop here and do closet today!!!

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