What is perception?

What is Perception?

The “way” we look at things, say the “way” is the lens through which we look at most of the things in life. That lens made up of our past – experiences, knowledge, people we know, books we read, situations we encountered, challenges we faced, millions of solutions we already have in our brains though successes and failures at different levels.

Now we have the perception “we have” because of the life we lived till now. It took almost half of our lifetimes to form the perception we have, it may/may-not take the rest of the life to change it. Why would we want to change it? Because when a life-altering event happens, it reaches our core and lets us look deeper at everything. We try to find the answer to everything around us. This is called “putting things into perspective” (an idiom).


To give an analogy of what we really are – For example an ocean wave keeps thinking all its life that it’s just a wave and nothing else, and kept comparing itself with the other waves which were pretty, tall, nicely-shaped and tried to “act” like them to “feel good”, and as a result struggled and suffered because that’s not its true nature. Its true nature is to “evolve” by itself, have its own experience, its own way of life, because we are here to contribute and not to mimic each other and live an identical life. All this wave had to do is look within itself to REALIZE that it’s the ocean itself and not just a wave. Us the humans are like that, like waves keep getting born, keep dying without turning inward and knowing our true nature/soul/core-intention for which we are here in the universe.

Let’s look at a different analogy – For example say a fruit keeps thinking all its life that it’s just a fruit and nothing else, and kept comparing itself to the other fruits on the tree which were pretty, bigger , better-shaped and tries to “act” like them to “feel good”, and as a result struggled and suffered because that’s not its true nature. Its true nature is to “evolve” by itself and identify its core that it contains the seed to produce the whole entire tree which could give birth to more such fruits. All this while the fruit needed to feel within itself to REALIZE that it’s the future tree itself and not just a fruit. A fruit even when plucked out of a tree has the potential to turn into a huge plant. Don’t you think we are like fruits? Each one of us has a core skill, core talent which we never realize to its fullest?

That’s why they say it’s lucky to have a family and above all a good supportive family. Because universe serves it on a platter to develop a feeling of “belonging” to our immediate family so that we can develop it further. That development doesn’t happen when our ego (competitive and comparative self and perception, corrupt lens through which we are looking) takes over. This is why when it comes to a stranger, we think they are not part of us and are separate.

Now how to develop a perception that makes us live life effortlessly and feels like a breeze. Whenever we are focused our body, mind and soul are aligned. And we can never be that if we are angry, sad, hurt, irritated, disappointed. It will happen only if we feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled. Satisfaction and fulfillment are the only two emotions that are felt on the soul level. Happiness may also sometimes happen as an idea in the mind and not an emotion within the body.

The way it took us almost half of our lives to form the perception we have, it may take the rest of the life or many more lifetimes to change it to REALIZE the life we are. The way our actions made us what we are, we have to act in order to change it and that will happen only when we start doing what we never did before. We had been looking at the outside world for answers now we look at the world that’s within us. The element of universe within us. Even science has proven that the smallest cell is of same structure as human body and so is earth and galaxy. We have to start “practicing” to change our worldview. Look within.

How to actually do (action) it? – few steps

1. Treat everything the way you want yourself to be treated.

2. Hear and feel all the sounds which are created within your body by your very own universe by meditating regularly. Focus on all the sounds that your body is making within and slowly one day you will REALIZE your true self, REALIZE and feel which is obvious but never felt – we are part of the universe, we are the universe. And universe is only as big as our mind and thoughts and experiences. And when we are fully in sync with our core-intention, we will see things clearly.
Start meditating even for 5 minutes a day is good enough and try to center yourself. Once you become a pro of hearing your body sounds, you will be able to center yourself anytime, anywhere.

3. Use past experiences as wisdom and not the final truth. Simply refer to them and not copy them.

In the end, even if there is no soul, at least physically we know that we won’t exist if oxygen is stripped out of this atmosphere. So that way we are all connected.
4. For body – Eat right and just enough (may be fast cuz deprivation of something connects to soul)

5. For mind – Think right and just enough, fasting here would be meditation which will make our mind deprive of thoughts and hence help us center ourselves.

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