Do we realize “the law of reflection”?

Well, have you heard of the law of reflection? Yes I am referring to the law of reflection.
Do you meet a few such people and instantly click with them, do you think if there is a particular reason? Well it’s the people you reflect on, they act like mirrors and multiply your goodness, they reflect your ideas, thoughts and self-image. I recently went to a birthday party and didn’t feel like speaking a word to anyone. Then came this person and he introduced himself to me and the next moment I hear myself talking about things that I like doing. Suddenly it dawned on me how in a flip moment I had forgotten about thinking “I am bored or sad” thoughts and started to feel happy within. Us humans are like high tech mirrors to each others. Some show skewed reflection, some show exact reflections, some show enhanced reflection and some show exactly opposite, inverse reflection of yourself. For instance, you are thinking about “feeling sad” and other person reminds you of “being happy” rather than “not being sad”. Hope you understand what I am saying. These kind of reflections are inversely proportional to our thought process yet give birth a completely new perspective in our minds and remind us to try out being that we are not.

Imagine a world where nobody knew how they looked. Do we think we would still want the same from our own lives. Did we imagine how our life would be?In a world where we had no ability to analyze our own mirror image and the moment we see someone we would “assume” we look like them. And we may look like so many people, So many animals, so many organisms.

The fact that light reflects on a physical surface is very obvious, so obvious that we took it as normal as breathing and never thought about it deep enough. The light from the sun is constantly reflecting on the surface of the earth causing the illumination in the atmosphere to occur.

Do we ever pay attention to our own image in the mirror? Yes all the times. Sometimes more than what’s needed, that it makes us forget the process itself, makes us forget the light from the sun because of which we could make out how we look, most importantly the function of our very crucial organ “eye” which is one of the five key senses (see, touch, taste, feel, hear).

Did we ever wonder what impact a mirror has on our lives. In a way it’s everything. It makes me wonder sometimes if the first discovery of self-image made a living thing conscious of itself? As we know humans are an evolved version of apes (which were originally evolved from monkeys – Read this blog for more on “if apes evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys”).

As per historical data there were all kinds of ways to see your own reflection in the past, like volcanic eruptions, big chunk of metals caused the surface to shine that it could act as a mirror.

Now bringing some imagination into play, just imagine one day a monkey saw its own reflection in the mirror and that monkey was the smartest of the lot. A thinking monkey. It started to question its own reflection and it may have caused its further generations to become more and more evolved. I think anything that has the capability to question everything that matters has the potential to evolve. For example food and money matters for survival hence we question and find ways to eat a variety of foods everyday. But just imagine if what matters changes one day? It’s not the food or money but its finding out the real cause of our life, the real cause of the reflecting light. This earth took so many births to give birth to us. So many destructions through big bang and millions of years of existence finally letting us born here as humans who could analyze and question why do they look a certain way when they see their own reflection in the mirror. Is this what we are here for? Just to live for our mirror reflection? I will leave it here at this thought.

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