What is creative energy?

Did you ever imagine a world where objects could speak and if they had a soul or a spirit and a life of their own?
Did you ever wonder why we attach so much importance to things that we create with our own minds or hands?
Why this connection with a thing that has no life in it?
Why do we hold them so close to our hearts?

This is because we leave a part of our creative-energy in it. Be it cooking food or building spaceships. We take care of it, we want to keep it secured from getting harmed or destroyed. And if it breaks it hurts, it breaks our heart. In a way it has a bit of our life in it. We gave it our time, space, emotions and thoughts as fuel. Most importantly we gave it our “that” time of life when we felt fully alive, we invested all that we had in it.

What is life in terms of creative-energy? Its simply a combination of time, space, thoughts, emotions and breathing all put together in action. Otherwise just breathing isn’t really enough to emit that creative-energy, an energy that stems from the core of our existence. The nucleus of our existence waiting to reach its full potential. Otherwise on the surface we simply try to live by every moment, doing everyday chores like sleeping, eating, going to work. But the moments we cherish are the ones in which we create certain experiences or objects. Experiences that blossom like a flower in our hearts.

Have you ever compared your innermost, undetermined self to a life-less seed of a plant that even though looks dry and lackluster has the potential to turn into a huge tree and bare more such fruits and hence many more such seeds of life, the very creative energy per se? Similarly each one of us has this untapped creative energy, a dry seed of creativity in the deepest core of our existence, waiting to be watered and harnessed. Longing to be channelized into action. Yearning to blossom into a full fledged tree in a physical or experiential form.

Did you ever wonder what happens within our minds when we create something? Say create an object, a concept, an idea and finally experience it in real life? Say creating music, writing a book, making a movie, creating art work, building software, building homes, building planes or even a small thing like writing a poem. Its a pure conscious, meticulous and intricate creation of our core untapped talent. It not only gives us joy but keeps our energies aligned. The way an electrical circuit is necessary to light up a bulb, keeping our creative energies always channelized is important to have an “always lit up mind”. An aware and alive mind.

On a lighter note -I wonder what about the babies that humans create? Do we really create them? – Making babies won’t be considered fully creative in this context because we have no clue what’s being cooked inside. All we can do is, be conscious of what we feed to ourselves while the babies are being created by the higher creative-energies of the universe itself. Honestly, I see babies as a gift sent by the higher creation. A bundle of creative-energy which is our further extension or a different version.

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