What is creative energy?

What is creative energy?

Did you ever imagine a world where objects could speak and if they had a soul or a spirit and a life of their own?
Did you ever wonder why we attach so much importance to things that we create with our own minds or hands?
Why this connection with a thing that has no life in it?
Why do we hold them so close to our hearts?

This is because we leave a part of our creative-energy in it. Be it cooking food or building spaceships. We take care of it, we want to keep it secured from getting harmed or destroyed. And if it breaks it hurts, it breaks our heart. In a way it has a bit of our life in it. We gave it our time, space, emotions and thoughts as fuel. Most importantly we gave it our “that” time of life when we felt fully alive, we invested all that we had in it.

What is life in terms of creative-energy? Its simply a combination of time, space, thoughts, emotions and breathing all put together in action. Otherwise just breathing isn’t really enough to emit that creative-energy, an energy that stems from the core of our existence. The nucleus of our existence waiting to reach its full potential. Otherwise on the surface we simply try to live by every moment, doing everyday chores like sleeping, eating, going to work. But the moments we cherish are the ones in which we create certain experiences or objects. Experiences that blossom like a flower in our hearts.

Have you ever compared your innermost, undetermined self to a life-less seed of a plant that even though looks dry and lackluster has the potential to turn into a huge tree and bare more such fruits and hence many more such seeds of life, the very creative energy per se? Similarly each one of us has this untapped creative energy, a dry seed of creativity in the deepest core of our existence, waiting to be watered and harnessed. Longing to be channelized into action. Yearning to blossom into a full fledged tree in a physical or experiential form.

Did you ever wonder what happens within our minds when we create something? Say create an object, a concept, an idea and finally experience it in real life? Say creating music, writing a book, making a movie, creating art work, building software, building homes, building planes or even a small thing like writing a poem. Its a pure conscious, meticulous and intricate creation of our core untapped talent. It not only gives us joy but keeps our energies aligned. The way an electrical circuit is necessary to light up a bulb, keeping our creative energies always channelized is important to have an “always lit up mind”. An aware and alive mind.

On a lighter note -I wonder what about the babies that humans create? Do we really create them? – Making babies won’t be considered fully creative in this context because we have no clue what’s being cooked inside. All we can do is, be conscious of what we feed to ourselves while the babies are being created by the higher creative-energies of the universe itself. Honestly, I see babies as a gift sent by the higher creation. A bundle of creative-energy which is our further extension or a different version.

Do we realize “the law of reflection”?

Do we realize “the law of reflection”?

Well, have you heard of the law of reflection? Yes I am referring to the law of reflection.
Do you meet a few such people and instantly click with them, do you think if there is a particular reason? Well it’s the people you reflect on, they act like mirrors and multiply your goodness, they reflect your ideas, thoughts and self-image. I recently went to a birthday party and didn’t feel like speaking a word to anyone. Then came this person and he introduced himself to me and the next moment I hear myself talking about things that I like doing. Suddenly it dawned on me how in a flip moment I had forgotten about thinking “I am bored or sad” thoughts and started to feel happy within. Us humans are like high tech mirrors to each others. Some show skewed reflection, some show exact reflections, some show enhanced reflection and some show exactly opposite, inverse reflection of yourself. For instance, you are thinking about “feeling sad” and other person reminds you of “being happy” rather than “not being sad”. Hope you understand what I am saying. These kind of reflections are inversely proportional to our thought process yet give birth a completely new perspective in our minds and remind us to try out being that we are not.

Imagine a world where nobody knew how they looked. Do we think we would still want the same from our own lives. Did we imagine how our life would be?In a world where we had no ability to analyze our own mirror image and the moment we see someone we would “assume” we look like them. And we may look like so many people, So many animals, so many organisms.

The fact that light reflects on a physical surface is very obvious, so obvious that we took it as normal as breathing and never thought about it deep enough. The light from the sun is constantly reflecting on the surface of the earth causing the illumination in the atmosphere to occur.

Do we ever pay attention to our own image in the mirror? Yes all the times. Sometimes more than what’s needed, that it makes us forget the process itself, makes us forget the light from the sun because of which we could make out how we look, most importantly the function of our very crucial organ “eye” which is one of the five key senses (see, touch, taste, feel, hear).

Did we ever wonder what impact a mirror has on our lives. In a way it’s everything. It makes me wonder sometimes if the first discovery of self-image made a living thing conscious of itself? As we know humans are an evolved version of apes (which were originally evolved from monkeys – Read this blog for more on “if apes evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys”).

As per historical data there were all kinds of ways to see your own reflection in the past, like volcanic eruptions, big chunk of metals caused the surface to shine that it could act as a mirror.

Now bringing some imagination into play, just imagine one day a monkey saw its own reflection in the mirror and that monkey was the smartest of the lot. A thinking monkey. It started to question its own reflection and it may have caused its further generations to become more and more evolved. I think anything that has the capability to question everything that matters has the potential to evolve. For example food and money matters for survival hence we question and find ways to eat a variety of foods everyday. But just imagine if what matters changes one day? It’s not the food or money but its finding out the real cause of our life, the real cause of the reflecting light. This earth took so many births to give birth to us. So many destructions through big bang and millions of years of existence finally letting us born here as humans who could analyze and question why do they look a certain way when they see their own reflection in the mirror. Is this what we are here for? Just to live for our mirror reflection? I will leave it here at this thought.

What is perception?

What is perception?

What is Perception?

The “way” we look at things, say the “way” is the lens through which we look at most of the things in life. That lens made up of our past – experiences, knowledge, people we know, books we read, situations we encountered, challenges we faced, millions of solutions we already have in our brains though successes and failures at different levels.

Now we have the perception “we have” because of the life we lived till now. It took almost half of our lifetimes to form the perception we have, it may/may-not take the rest of the life to change it. Why would we want to change it? Because when a life-altering event happens, it reaches our core and lets us look deeper at everything. We try to find the answer to everything around us. This is called “putting things into perspective” (an idiom).


To give an analogy of what we really are – For example an ocean wave keeps thinking all its life that it’s just a wave and nothing else, and kept comparing itself with the other waves which were pretty, tall, nicely-shaped and tried to “act” like them to “feel good”, and as a result struggled and suffered because that’s not its true nature. Its true nature is to “evolve” by itself, have its own experience, its own way of life, because we are here to contribute and not to mimic each other and live an identical life. All this wave had to do is look within itself to REALIZE that it’s the ocean itself and not just a wave. Us the humans are like that, like waves keep getting born, keep dying without turning inward and knowing our true nature/soul/core-intention for which we are here in the universe.

Let’s look at a different analogy – For example say a fruit keeps thinking all its life that it’s just a fruit and nothing else, and kept comparing itself to the other fruits on the tree which were pretty, bigger , better-shaped and tries to “act” like them to “feel good”, and as a result struggled and suffered because that’s not its true nature. Its true nature is to “evolve” by itself and identify its core that it contains the seed to produce the whole entire tree which could give birth to more such fruits. All this while the fruit needed to feel within itself to REALIZE that it’s the future tree itself and not just a fruit. A fruit even when plucked out of a tree has the potential to turn into a huge plant. Don’t you think we are like fruits? Each one of us has a core skill, core talent which we never realize to its fullest?

That’s why they say it’s lucky to have a family and above all a good supportive family. Because universe serves it on a platter to develop a feeling of “belonging” to our immediate family so that we can develop it further. That development doesn’t happen when our ego (competitive and comparative self and perception, corrupt lens through which we are looking) takes over. This is why when it comes to a stranger, we think they are not part of us and are separate.

Now how to develop a perception that makes us live life effortlessly and feels like a breeze. Whenever we are focused our body, mind and soul are aligned. And we can never be that if we are angry, sad, hurt, irritated, disappointed. It will happen only if we feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled. Satisfaction and fulfillment are the only two emotions that are felt on the soul level. Happiness may also sometimes happen as an idea in the mind and not an emotion within the body.

The way it took us almost half of our lives to form the perception we have, it may take the rest of the life or many more lifetimes to change it to REALIZE the life we are. The way our actions made us what we are, we have to act in order to change it and that will happen only when we start doing what we never did before. We had been looking at the outside world for answers now we look at the world that’s within us. The element of universe within us. Even science has proven that the smallest cell is of same structure as human body and so is earth and galaxy. We have to start “practicing” to change our worldview. Look within.

How to actually do (action) it? – few steps

1. Treat everything the way you want yourself to be treated.

2. Hear and feel all the sounds which are created within your body by your very own universe by meditating regularly. Focus on all the sounds that your body is making within and slowly one day you will REALIZE your true self, REALIZE and feel which is obvious but never felt – we are part of the universe, we are the universe. And universe is only as big as our mind and thoughts and experiences. And when we are fully in sync with our core-intention, we will see things clearly.
Start meditating even for 5 minutes a day is good enough and try to center yourself. Once you become a pro of hearing your body sounds, you will be able to center yourself anytime, anywhere.

3. Use past experiences as wisdom and not the final truth. Simply refer to them and not copy them.

In the end, even if there is no soul, at least physically we know that we won’t exist if oxygen is stripped out of this atmosphere. So that way we are all connected.
4. For body – Eat right and just enough (may be fast cuz deprivation of something connects to soul)

5. For mind – Think right and just enough, fasting here would be meditation which will make our mind deprive of thoughts and hence help us center ourselves.

Speed of thinking and thought process

Speed of thinking and thought process

Speed of thinking is faster than the speed of light

Note: Look in the end to read more about speed and universe expansion

Technological advancement is only a physical representation of human thinking abilities, however we don’t know yet the limits of our thinking abilities itself. This is why it’s obvious why robots would replace humans, because everything is memory based and if you create a robot that contains as much information as all the inventors combined, it may become a super-genius robot, however it may not have “thinking” abilities because its memory based and not “thinking/analyzing based”.

We always underestimate how fast we can think and waste all our time in talking. Unrest in the world ranging from small arguments to big wars are a result of lesser thinking and more talking. We can only talk as fast as we process our thoughts. And if we keep talking non-stop, we are compromising with the processing power of our mind, burning out.

This is why all the scientists and very good programmers don’t get the urges to talk because they are habitual of thinking very fast and that’s their comfort zone. They may go without speaking for months because they are very satisfied with producing and utilizing their thought-process and analyzing abilities in a “positive and constructive” ways (thinking positive is imperative).

Now we are not able to form an original, new perspective of our own because we try hard to articulate other’s perspectives. Why do we feel the need to present other’s opinions? Because we are inherently and unknowingly influenced by them and over-powered by them. We have accepted them as our identities. Whatever is complex to understand is considered very high-quality and hence we ignore or miss-out on our own abilities, which is – we may be capable of thinking and analyzing more complex concepts – like frequency and time you did?

All of us may have the abilities of Imaginative story-telling like some very good animation movies – inside out, how to train your dragon, cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Imagination needs a lot of quiet which we won’t desire/want unless we fall in love with thinking and fall out of love of talking and analyzing outside data. Where outside-data is necessary to understand but its not everything. We can deduce newer concepts only if we understand the existing however understanding too many concepts makes us run out of our thinking abilities and concepts get entangled in our own minds ( if we spend all our time discussing and verbalizing the already-existing information). We need quietness (of mind) to form new concepts and further the evolution by constructive thinking.

“There is no limit to how fast the universe can expand, says physicist Charles Bennett of Johns Hopkins University. Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum still holds true, because space itself is stretching, and space is nothing.”

Read following two

A theory replacing the big-bang – https://bigthink.com/dr-kakus-universe/can-a-universe-create-itself-out-of-nothing

Information travels faster than light – https://bigthink.com/dr-kakus-universe/what-travels-faster-than-the-speed-of-light

Realize your true nature.

Realize your true nature.

How to make physical and non-physical happy?
How to make feelings and emotions happy?
How to make body and soul happy?

But wait where is mind in all of this? Actually mind is an “adapter” between body, feelings and emotions. It adapts to the dominating energy, if its body it will feel and emote on physical level and if its soul it will feel and emote on the soul level.

I learnt it from Mukku to write it down, she was an “organized thinker”. A clear thinker. An advanced soul. When our bodies are tired of feeling, they only think and think constructively. I will prove how! (only indication of advanced souls is they love speed, she felt nothing even in roller coasters)

Thought to think over – *If you are intelligent you will do what you love, and if you are a genius you will do just whats needed”. Doesn’t matter who said it but if we get deep into it.*

The intelligent part is obvious. But what does the second part mean? If you are a genius you will do just whats “needed”. Needed by whom? By the person itself? or its family or the town or city or the whole world, or the whole universe?
This quote simply proves how all the “inventors” were evolved souls and they did just what was needed by themselves (to feel content) and everyone else in the world. Be it a small hair-band to huge planes. All of these are in the end satisfying others in turn satisfying the person. But if you go much deeper, these are only objects, what is behind it? An idea then a thought-process, a chain of “organized and constructive” thinking, which didn’t care if the body was at ease or not and just keep thinking and thinking over years to invent say gravity, theory of relativity by Einstine (Eg. Because of which we use GPS).

Now what is the end of all this? Actually not to be happy but “be at ease”. When we want to travel first class or business class thinking its a status quo and ease, it will certainly bring ease. But to what extent? May be while you are sleeping comfortably. But what happens when we are awake? We are back to thinking, so doesn’t matter in economy or business unless we are asleep we can only enjoy any class if our mind is at ease. And please remember, we are in a body to not be at ease, this is the nature of being in a body, physical form. We can only feel moments of ease here an there and in order to transform our souls we need to do something drastic while our body will always be struggling. But if we are aware and conscious of our thinking we can bring it at ease any time.

Once we transform ourselves from “unconscious feelers” to “conscious thinkers” (by using our mind consciously) we will become a soul that is capable of inventing and hence contribute to both the physical expansion and non-physical expansion of the universe.

Well all of this is my own analysis, no reference.
And I may be completely crazy.

About meditation – The idea to meditate is not to kill your thinking abilities but to make them organized. Idea of having a structure to your day by say going to work or doing a workout at the same time only means you are making your body and mind organized.

Trick is – Think for people and do for objects. If a person is annoying you just try to see anything funny in him or just say to yourself that “i am annoyed” and you won’t anymore. For objects – say you had been wanting to organize your closet for a month (me) and that thought is annoying you at some level, you just “Do” asap. You can’t do anything about people and you don’t need to obsess over thinking too much. So I will stop here and do closet today!!!